Please note you need to be 16+ to apply for SimulatorRadio.

Applications can take up to 5 working days to get a response.

(All demos MUST be audio files in MP3 format otherwise the application will be void.)

1. Your demo should be at least 15 minutes long. We are going to be focusing on the breaks in between songs so try not to pick two 7-minute songs as it won’t really give us enough to review.

2. Your demo should not have any obvious flubs or mistakes in it. If you screw up, that’s ok, but don’t submit it like that. You wouldn't send a resume in with obvious spelling and grammatical errors, would you?

3. Has smooth transitions between songs with good voice to music level ratio. Listen back to your demo after you record it or have a mate listen and tell you what they think.

4. Pick songs you like and smile when you talk. We look for energy and attitude. If you sound like you are depressed it won’t bode well for your application. It's a proven fact that you sound happier when you smile. That's why so many telemarketers do it.

5. Have something interesting prepared to say between each song. Although we all should do this for every show, it is especially important to do this for your demo. There is nothing more boring than a DJ who says nothing except "Ok... that last song was __. My next song is ___. I hope you like it." The Internet is a treasure trove of quirky facts about artists and songs. Share something interesting! Traffic reports, quick game reviews or sharing a recent experience work too.

6. Don't pester the recruiting team. We have real lives too and often it can take us time for all of us to review a demo and let you know what we think. Don't get bent if we give you some suggestions and ask you to re-record it. That means we see potential.

An example can be heard below by our own Sundance